Table to Farm Dinners

Table to Farm Dinners

Check out the Table to Farm Dinners series going on this summer at Newaukum Valley Farm. There are a few more scheduled for the summer and I am working on trying to do at least one more myself. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the local food growers and producers. Great food and beverages, good conversation and tour of the farm. Click on the title of this post to learn more.

2 thoughts on “Table to Farm Dinners”

  1. LOL I think that should be “Farm to Table”. Although I suppose you could be throwing a bunch of food to chickens or something. Happens at my farm all the time, but it’s usually old watermelon and stale Life cereal…

    1. Thanks for your comment Stephanie. The reason we say “Table to Farm”, is due to the fact that the dinner is served on the farm at a table overlooking the fields. Its a great experience involving not only good food, but a farm tour and a chance to meet local producers.

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