Table to Farm Dinner

I’m doing a private Table to Farm dinner this evening at Newaukum Valley Farm. If you are interested in a truly unique and exciting dining experience contact Boccata or Melissa at the farm. The farm number is 360 269-6102.

On the menu for tonight

An appetizer course that includes:
Thin skinned cucumber and heirloom tomato marinated with fresh oregano.
Roasted baby summer squash with olive oil and fresh basil
Pickled Chioggia beets
Pecorino Romano Cheese
Squash blossoms stuffed with Hood Canal salmon, Dungeness crab and mascarpone.

A salad course of Baby lettuce tossed with olive goat cheese dressing.

The main course is grilled local pork loin stuffed with rapini, pine nuts and dried mission figs, served with torpedo onion lavender jam roasted baby potatoes with Romano beans.

For dessert tonight’s guests will be enjoying a golden plum tart with honey mascarpone.

Included with every dinner we do here at the farm is a guided tour and the opportunity to meet and talk with local producers.

Call and book party for you and your friends, or check out the Newaukum Valley Farm website (listed in our links section) to get information about upcoming dinners open to the public.

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