Mother’s Day Brunch 2016

Boccata Brunch

Mimosas  $4.50

Fresh Grapefruit Black Cherry, Peach Mango or Pomegranate Orange

Portuguese Doughnuts   $6.00

Fried Portuguese dough, fresh fruit and honey yogurt

Darin’s “Chewy Bread” French Toast    $8.00

Rustic Italian baguette, pomegranate syrup and honey yogurt with bacon

Crepes Fraise   $7.00

Honey caraImelized crepes, fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream

Two Egg Breakfast   $10.00

Eggs, grilled capicola ham, roasted potatoes and toasted baguette

Crab and Eggs Benedict   $13.00

Handmade Portuguese bread with poached eggs, crab and hollandaise
with roasted potatoes

Wild Mushroom Fritatta   $12.00

Mixed mushrooms, potato and roasted garlic

garnished with mixed greens and whipped goat cheese

Fresh Steelhead Hash   $15.00

Potato, asparagus and caramelized onion hash,

grilled Steelhead, Hollandaise and fried capers

Carbonara   $10.00

Linguine tossed with bacon, onion, pecorino cheese and egg yolk

Chicken Fried Pork Tenderlion   $12.00

 With Portuguese toast and Italian sausage gravy

Add two eggs to any order $2.00

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