Boccata Restaurant, located in the historic district of downtown Centralia Washington, was established in 2004. The vision of owner Darin Harris was to bring a variety of flavors and cuisines from around the Mediterranean into one restaurant, and create a space for offering diverse dining experiences common to that part of the world. Boccata offers a quick market style lunch experience in the daytime, paired with uniquely eclectic full service dining in the evenings. Our menu brings together flavors and techniques from the cuisines of  Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Morocco and more. Our wine list offers varietals from the Euro-Mediterranean mainland and nearby islands. We use  high quality imported and local hand selected  ingredients. Choice chemical free meats and cheeses, preservative free breads, fresh produce (sourced locally when possible) and “slow food” methods provide boldly flavored and healthy menu items. Available sidewalk dining out front in the summertime adds that dinning al fresco feel so popular to the Mediterranean area.

Boccata also offers a wide variety of catering options for everything from small in-house parties to any size off-premises events, including business lunches, receptions and more.

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