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Boccata offers a wide variety of catering options to meet your needs. Business lunches big or small, private in-house or off-premises parties and receptions of all sizes. We have options for many items and menus you can pick-up to serve yourself. Or, relax and have us bring the food to you. We can do all the set-up and save you the hassle.

A typical lunch catering might include our Sandwich and Salad Buffet. An assortment of sandwich platters combined with a few of our popular salads, such as: Caesar with our house-made dressing, Caper and Herb Potato, Couscous, Greek Pasta or Marinated Greek Cucumber/Tomato.

If it’s something a little heartier you want, our pasta bar buffet with three sauces, bread, Pecorino cheese and Caesar salad makes a great lunch OR dinner buffet.

Dinner catering options are vast and we often branch out from the traditional Mediterranean fair to meet the needs of the customer.

Maybe you are looking for something to create a real center piece for your party or reception. We specialize in light to heavy appetizer buffets that are artfully designed, prepared and arranged. Chef Darin thoughtfully combines  colors, textures and flavors to create a stunning show piece your guests are sure to remember.

Call Chef Darin Harris at Boccata to set up a free consultation or to just get ideas about your event planning needs. We approach each and every event individually and work hard to tailor our services to your needs. 360 736-2404

2 thoughts on “Catering”

  1. Good afternoon Chef! My son will be getting married at the Red Barn Studios on Sat. Aug 9th of this year. In his busyness he kinda let the idea of a lite rehearsal get together go by the wayside. Due to some customers at my grocery store here in Portland I was made aware of your establishment. Just wondering……some quick points and then hopefully we can talk or I travel up to see you….
    Friday Aug.8th 5PM
    30-40 ppl
    Appetizers/Main salads/breads
    Thankyou so much for your time and consideration

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